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The Burgess Shale Geoscience Foundation offers a variety of educational programs for individuals and groups including,


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Would you like to experience the Burgess Shale, but are unable to join one of our guided hikes? Join us for the Geo-Walk, an easy stroll through geologic time that's followed by a hands-on activity.

During this 90-minute program participants will walk from the present, back through geologic time to the Middle Cambrian as you and your guide walk from the Visitor Centre in Field to the Field School. The distance is approximately 600 meters. The route and destination are accessible to parents with strollers and to participants who require wheeled aids to mobility. Bring your water bottle if the weather is warm.

See and touch real Burgess Shale fossils. Learn about the long history of life on earth, movement of the continents, major extinctions and about the ecological community in which the Burgess Shale creatures lived and perished.

Geo-Walk participants are invited to try opening a 500 million year-old rock to reveal a Cambrian trilobite that can be taken home. The rock samples used in this activity originate from southeast BC and are not Burgess Shale rocks. The rock-splitting exercise gives everyone a chance to be an amateur paleontologist and the first to see a fossilized creature that has been hidden for half a billion years.

When: Geo-Walk schedule to be determined in the New Year. Please check the web page for updates.

Where: Meet outside the doors of the Parks Canada Visitor Reception Centre in Field, BC. The Geo-Walk is a gentle 600 meter stroll to the Field School. After the hands-on activity, Geo-Walkers return to the Visitor Centre.

Fees: TBD

Special tours arranged for groups.

(Drop-in participants may register and pay on the day of the walk.)

Our Popular Guided Hikes

The Burgess Shale Geoscience Foundation is licensed by Parks Canada to conduct Earth Science educational hikes to the Burgess Shale Mount Stephen Fossil Beds and the Walcott Quarry, as well as a Climate Change and Landscape guided hike on the Iceline Trail in the Yoho Valley. All of our guides are qualified hiking guides, have current First Aid certification and possess post-secondary education in the Earth Sciences. Content covered on the guided hikes falls under the three themes:

  1. History of life on earth
  2. Rocks and mountain building
  3. Climate science and landforms

Download the guided hikes brochure.

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