Our Vision and Mission

"Our vision is to instill environmental stewardship through the education and interpretation of the fossils preserved in the Burgess Shale."

Our Mission is...

To: provide a comprehensive understanding of the Earth Sciences which is fundamental to public understanding of responsible consumption; resource management; natural hazards; climate science; and environmental issues through the Earth Sciences for Education.

To: collaborate with geoscientists, governments and companies to find and develop alternative resources the products, and infrastructure that we use in our daily lives;

To: increase Science Literacy with geoscience education programs for teachers and students which is fundamental for students as they are the decision makers of tomorrow and future caretakers of the earth.

To: establish an internationally recognized and economically self-sustaining Burgess Shale Science Exhibit and Learning Centre facility within the community of Field, located in Yoho National Park – A UNESCO World Heritage Site, that will facilitate research, interpretation of the Burgess Shale, and earth science education.


The Burgess Shale Geoscience Foundation will ensure to use scientific facts; nurture respectful relationships, and develop quality professional earth science educational programs. At all times implement the National Park/World Heritage Site values into the earth science education programs and activities.


To: increase science literacy through the understanding and appreciation of the Earth Sciences, for students, teachers and the general public that will enable them to make better judgment of the validity and importance of environmental issues.

To: expose students and the public to various aspects of Earth Sciences in a fun, educational, and interactive way;

To: inform students about education and careers in the geosciences;

To: demonstrate how Earth Science plays a critical role in our society;

To: make the connection between responsible resource development and the things we use every day.


Increasing science literacy in schools with geoscience illustrations around them:

Integrate earth science illustrations in the pure science jr. & sr. high school curricula:

Develop earth science professional development workshops for junior and senior science school teachers:

Link all aspects of earth science education to communities, in all geographic areas via virtual and real realities:

Introduce innovative earth science education programs for teachers to implement in the classroom in order for students to understand and respect their environment:

Embrace new technologies to improve communications and methods of dynamic learning:

Build partnerships with corporations, governments and companies in order to fund the various methods of pedagogy in order to create an awareness of what products we use in our daily lives and the resources it takes to make them:

Share the knowledge of the earth sciences with all citizens.

How will we carry out our mission?


Optimizing the need to respect the land we live on through programs and partnerships that support individuals and communities toward the health and well being of the land we depend on for future generations.


To embrace innovation that will improve caring for the integration of earth science professionals and the general public in order to connect as they never have before.


Creating an environment where individuals want to work together to share earth science educational knowledge and that instill a sense of ownership and to be responsible for the environment as it is the most valuable asset the world has.

"An investment in students is for a life time. Investing in students, teachers’ partnerships, technology and facilities in a thoughtful cooperative manner will ensure sustainability of the environment, the health and well being of humanity."