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Thursday, July 31, 2014

Being in Field, so near the holy ground of Walcott's Quarry, filled me with great awe and joy. I had to forego the hike to the quarry, but you gave me back something much more valuable: your expert introduction and the chance to actually hold some of the fossils I had read so much about. Like holding the Holy Grail or shaking Marilyn Monroe's hand.....
We enjoyed every minute of our visit and to me it was the highlight of my trip to Canada.

R&S from the Netherlands
Friday, July 11, 2014
Walcott Quarry

I'd like to give a big "thanks" to Hugh, who took us up to the Walcott quarry last Friday July 11. I was expecting the guide to give us only the basic outline of the geology and paleontology (while ensuring that no-one fell off the mountain), but Hugh did so much more. The discussions en route were comparable to those in a post-grad seminar, and highly enjoyable. Great use of visual aids, well organized, and fun. And he did all that while carrying a heavier pack than any of us.